December 9, 2011

Friday Update

Miles is getting so big!

1. I have been thinking that he has grown in the last few weeks and when I measured him last night he was already 28 in long and 21 lbs 4 oz!
2. Miles loves when I sing to him (and I do it ALL the time).
3. This is our last weekend away from Carl... I'm so excited for him to get here next weekend.
4. I am planning a secret date for us next Saturday.
5. Carl's mom is going to watch Miles for us for a few hours while we are on our date. This will be the first time I am away from him for more than an hour. I am a bit nervous, but she raised Carl perfectly so I know Miles will be in good hands.
6. I love our cloth diapers. The only downside is they will only fit Miles up to 30lbs and he is already so close to that! Let's hope he will start growing tall without gaining more weight.
7. I have to do diaper wash every other day because of the way Miles is using up diapers. I still have to change him in the middle of the night so he doesn't wet through them..
8. I am so excited for Miles' first Christmas. He already has a bunch of gifts under our tree.
9. I have wrapped ALL of the gifts under my mom's tree... that includes my own gifts, so I know what EVERYONE is getting for Christmas from my mom and Rodney.
10. I bought the newest Eragon book the other day. I have been waiting to see how the series ends for a few years now. I hope to read it sometime soon, but with Miles I don't really have as much time to read.... maybe I should just look up the synopsis online to see how the series ends...LOL.

OH yeah.... and my baby is 22 weeks old today! (My niece is almost a year old too! What a big girl!)

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