December 16, 2011

Friday Update

watching the chrsitmas tree

sleeping with grandma

sleeping with grandpa

sitting by himself!


    1. Miles now has teeth... ok tooth but still! It is just poking up out of his gums so he likes to chew on everything.... we have now started with teething toys.
    2. Miles is SOOOO close to sitting up on his own. He can sit for a bit but usually he hears something and when he turns his head quickly, he falls in that direction.
    4. Miles has developed the 'cry when mom is not around'  thing... when he can't see me he isn't sure I am still there, so he cries. It is cute and sad at the same time.
    5. Miles has been having such a great time with my mom and Rodney. Rod just loves to play with Miles on the floor.... he puts his face close to Miles and Miles grabs his ears and laughs. I got a video of it last night, so I'll try to post it when Carl comes tomorrow.
    6. Miles is going to try food when Carl gets here! Most baby books and sites recommend waiting to start food until your baby can sit unassisted and Miles is almost there.
    7. Miles has a super stuffy nose at night. When he rolls over to his back, his nose is so stuffy and he breathes funny. I wonder if this is a side effect of teething.
    8.Miles is into patting.... he has figured out that he can feel with the inside of his hand but he doesn't know how to rub things side to side, so he pats EVERYTHING! It is really cute except when he decides to pat my face while nursing at 2 am.
    9. Miles is SUPER stubborn... like his momma. He wants what he wants and he will wiggle and move around until he is either distracted or he gets it.
    10. Miles has found his feet again. He holds them and pulls on them almost all the time now.

I am so excited for Christmas!