December 30, 2011

Friday Update

1. We are at my sister Shelbie's house... it is beautiful.
2. Miles has been doing this old man face.... it is so cute! He sucks on his bottom lip and you can totally tell he doesn't have any teeth.
3. Miles has started eating food! We have fed him green beans, sweet potatoes, apple sauce, and bananas. He doesn't really like food but is starting to get the hang of eating. Every time he starts to eat, he gags.
4. Shelbie got a really nice camera for Christmas and I have been a picture taking fool! So many good pics soon to come!
5. Miles is now wearing a size 12 months! He is so big!
6. Miles is screaming so much! He has decided he likes to scream whenever he wants.
7. Miles makes these little noises every time he is falling asleep that is so cute. He has started fighting sleep.
8. We had a GREAT Christmas... Miles got totally spoiled, but so did Carl!
9. It was so great seeing all our family. I love that Miles gets to see his Aunts and Uncles while he grows up. It is so fun to see him looking at all the new faces.
10. Miles got a pirate ship rocking chair and a baby grand piano.... see? spoiled.


such a sad face!

they are the same size- and Mya is a year old already

Miles jungle gym

This is the old man face!

Happy boy!

aaaannnddd.. Miles is officially bigger than all of his older cousins.

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