December 24, 2011

Friday Update

1. Miles is already 25 weeks old!!!
2. Miles can officially sit up. Sometimes he will fall, but for the most part he sits up just fine.
3. He has gotten his first real owie. He was sitting with dad on the livingroom floor and he fell over and hit his eye on the coffee table. He now has a red mark over his left eye.
4. Miles opened up his first Christmas present from his Aunt Linley... we just couldn't wait until Christmas for the first one, so we opened it 2 days early. He was a total champ with the unwrapping and I got the whole thing on video. It was really cute.
5. We went on a walk a few days ago and bundled up Miles really good... and it was only 35 degrees out.... but he stayed warm!
6. Miles can turn himself in a circle while he is on his belly- I think this is the start of him wanting to crawl.
7. Miles has started to do this really annoying scream when he is tired. It sucks. I hate hearing it... especially at night when he can't nap because bed time is in 30 minutes.
8. Carl did REALLY well on his tests. I'm glad Miles and I came to my mom's for a few weeks to let him study.
9. It has been so nice having Carl here with us. He is able to play with and help out with Miles. Having him here has lead me to believe that there is a reason children have 2 parents because it is just too hard to do alone.
10. Miles got his second tooth in!

all bundled up for a walk

sleeping with mommy

sitting on Aunt Linley's doggie, Cooper with Aunt Lacey right next to Miles

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