February 1, 2012

The Aquarium

We went to the Aquarium last Sunday and Miles loved it. I think he loved watching the other people more than the fish, but we still had a great time. I thought I would share some pics from that day from Miles' point of view.
we started with a little play with daddy time on the couch

then we got ready and put on our cool dude shades

then we took a nap... so we wouldn't be too tired to enjoy the fish

Then we saw sting ray while daddy pointed out how cool they are

then we stared at daddy and the people next to daddy

we saw some cool fish in a tank

hi mommy!

look, a scuba diver cleaning the tank!

hmm... look at all the cool fish

big tank with big fish (if you look at the bottom middle of this pic, you'll see the eye of a puffer fish)

naptime on the way home

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