February 25, 2012

Friday Update

1. Miles and I spent all week with my friend Lindsey and her family. It was so much fun!
2. Miles LOVES men. He likes the way they play and would cry whenever my friend's husband would leave the room.
3. Miles has gotten so much better at crawling. He is going faster and faster, but still not so quick I can't catch up.
4. Miles is still stroking his hair. He mostly does it when he is tired, but it is really cute to see.
5. Carl says that Miles has a different cry face now and when I asked him what he meant, he said that Miles must have control over a facial muscle that he didn't before because he cries differently.
6. In the morning, Miles stretches his whole body out and I swear, I can see him actually getting bigger and bigger.
7. Carl is finally finished with internal medicine. We are so ready for him to start an easier rotation and this means that he has the whole weekend off!
8. It was so cool to see Miles playing with my friend's kids. They are 8 and 2 and it was really fun to see how he interacted with bigger kids.
9. Miles is a jealous baby. I was playing with my friend's little 2 year old boy and Miles started crying and crawled over to me. I was kind of wrestling with the little 2 year old, and Miles comes over and starts pulling on me wanting my attention. I didn't realize how jealous he really was until that moment.
10. We cleaned up our living room and got rid of a few more things, so our house is looking great!

Here are some pics from our trip to visit friends!
Miles playing with his new friend

 These were taken by a 8 year old:
Miles and I playing

Miles screaming

playing upstairs

This was taken today... I think this might be the last time in his jumpy :(

a video of Miles playing with my friend's husband and kids. I don't think you can really see, but Miles thought this was SO funny. The kids just started yelling and trying to get Miles to laugh.. so funny.

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