February 3, 2012

Friday Update

AAA... I can't believe it is already Friday again.. it seems to come so quickly! We are almost to 7 months. Only a few days to go... I can't believe I almost have a 7 month old... where is time going? Thank goodness I am a stay at home mom and get to be with Miles all the time :)

Well, here's what's new:
1. Miles crawled last night.. Carl was on the computer and Miles forward crawled to it all by himself. I guess he just needs a great motivator to really go forward.
2. He crawled 2 knees forward today at our play group.
3. Miles has a mysterious rash that has been there for about a month and feels dry. It is sometimes red or sometimes fleshy colored. I think it might be eczema. I will ask the nurse about it on Monday when he goes in for his shots.
4. Carl is now at the V.A. hospital. This means that he gets to come home sooner each night... he even got off at 1 today!
5. We found a new toy store we love. They have the greatest toys and were rated the best toys in the city for the last 5 years. I'm excited to get him some toys for his birthday in a few months.
6. I have only been to 2 play groups, but I really enjoy it and Miles and I love hanging out with the other moms. He naps on the way, plays for 2 hours, and naps on the way home! It is great!
7. Miles is 30 weeks old. I remember when I was 30 weeks pregnant, barely believing that I would have a baby in 10 weeks. It feels like just yesterday but also feels like forever ago.
8. Miles has officially developed stranger danger. He isn't a fan of others, unless he is with Carl or me. If we are around, he is curious about others and still likes to be shy around them, but if we are out of the room he cries.
9. We put in a new dresser for a t.v. stand, but we still need to paint it. It is cream now, but I think I want to paint it a light blue.
10. I love that Miles doesn't mind being in his pack-n-play. It is nice that there is a place for him to go and I don't have to worry about his safety. He has just started to grab the edge of the playpin and pull himself up to standing and it is crazy to see him stand up all by himself, looking over the edge at me, biting the sides.

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