February 2, 2012


I am sitting here watching my son eat a remote (don't worry, it is a "play" one I found that we don't use and I cleaned it) while he is trying to stand up on his piano. He is so cute and seeing him totally happy just hanging out with his mom in our jammies caused me to have a sudden epiphany- my life is awesome. I have so much to be thankful for and so I decided to just record a few things I am happy for today.

1. A sweet son who smiles every time he sees me (and as I type this I have tears of joy springing up in my eyes.... I am such a dork).
2. A husband who works really hard to make sure I can stay home to see my son smile.
3. A home that keeps getting better and better (and the great ideas I have gotten to redo our living room for cheaper thanks to pinterest!)
4. A son who would rather be in my arms than anywhere else in the whole world.
5. A supportive family who is there for me, no matter what I need....especially my mom who when I call freaked out needing some help, figures out a way to get off work and spend her weekend here helping us out.
6. A great extended family. I find myself thinking about my husbands family, missing them and wondering when we will get to see them again... I know, I am really lucky to have in-laws I don't just like but love!
7. A curious son, who at this moment crawled over to me, pulled himself up to standing, is grabbing my computer, and trying to eat the keys.. all because he sees I am touching it and he wants to too.+ -----------+------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (and yes, that was his typing--------) I am hoping he grows up to be a super smart, curious man like his daddy.
8 . An understanding husband who has been so patient with me and all of my complications and all the craziness that goes with becoming a new parent.
9. How everyday Miles comes up with something new, whether it is a new expression or a new milestone or a new sound or laugh... it is a great thing to be able to witness.
10.Our health...  one of my best friends has her baby in the hospital and it is so sad. It reminds me of the luck we have had with Miles. He has only gotten sick once with a head cold, for one day. I am so thankful especially because Carl works in a hospital and is in contact with lots of germs and we have kept healthy despite visiting so many people in last 3 months. We make sure to wash our hands often and we have all been healthy!

ANDDDDD... some pics!

sleeping on me.... man, I am thankful for this too because I know I won't get to do this with our next one

independent play time!

silly boy... he fell to the side after turning his head sideways because mine was turned to take his pic 

eating an apple for the first time... he liked it!

a very happy Miles

It seems like today is full of things I am thankful for... there are so many, more than I have posted here. I mean, is there anything better than a happy, smiling Miles? I sure don't think so.

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