March 30, 2012

Friday update

1. Miles has started looking more and more like a kid. When he is sleeping in my arms, it feels like he isn't a baby anymore.
2. Miles loves his daddy so much. He cries whenver Carl leaves... It is funny but really sad.
3. Miles tried ice for the first time this week and he loved it... He kept opening his mouth for more.
4. Miles has been super clingy lately... I think it he is just at the stage where he wants to be with either Carl and I all the time. If one of us gets up and it even starts to look like we might be going into another room Miles cries! He cries like his feeling are so hurt that you would even want to leave. He will crawl after you and cry until you pick him up. It is so silly.
5. Miles loves to be in the bathroom. He likes to stand on the scale, pull the toilet paper out, jiggle the toilet handle, open and close the door, and generally just be in there. In fact, whenever you close the door he cries... even if no one is in there.
6.Miles did really well on the drive to my parents. He slept, woke up, ate, cried, slept, woke up, cried for a few minutes, played, and then we were there. I think he only cried for 15 minutes during the whole 3 hour drive.
7. Miles hates strangers. He cries and cries until I hold him. Strangers include my mom and Rodney.... I hope he grows out of this soon.
8. Miles took 2 steps in front of my mom and Rod last night.
9. Carl is going to Cali for a conference for this weekend.
10. Miles is starting to have a good memory.... If he is doing something naughty and I tell him no, I now have to take him away from whatever he was doing and give him something else to do or he will go back to doing the naughty thing.

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