April 5, 2011


Pupcakes 34

isn't this cute!?? Click here to see how to make it!

So I have been looking at SO many craft blogs (like how to make the cool cupcake surprise pictured above) and I am super jealous of the things some people can make! It makes me want to be able to sew. I could make such cool stuff, if only I really did know how to sew.... and had the room to do it all.

I have kind of formed an almost plan that consists of thinking about possibly using half of my garage as a "crafty"space (can you tell I am still in the thinking about it stage???LOL). I haven't discussed this with Carl and mostly it is just an idea I have. I have always known that I would like a room for my crafty items (I have some REALLY cool stuff, but can't use it due to space issues), but mostly this was an after med school idea.... a far away goal of someday having a room that is just for crafts where I could go to scrapbook or something. I see blogs that have cool stuff I could make, like this or this or this and I imagine all the stuff I could do while Carl is at school and it makes me want a crafty space now.

It would be a great way to keep busy while Carl is gone (and so I don't go crazy without a job) and fun and a great way to save money on gift giving (who doesn't like a sweet homemade thing?). I know that if it was in my garage, I couldn't use it during the summer-it would be too hot... but we have a space heater so I could use it during the winter!

I figure Miles could play in his play-pin while I sew or I could do it while he naps.... I just think that some of these things are SO cool and would be so fun to have..... now I just need the skills to actually do it. Maybe I will look into sewing classes..... but I doubt there are any in my tiny town. Hmmmm... where do you even look to find a class teaching sewing to someone who doesn't know anything about sewing? Suggestions?

I wish I had someone who lived closer to help me learn... I have such amazing sewers in my family and know that they would be willing to teach me, but I just live too far. I even OWN a sewing machine but, sadly, it sits alone in a box in my garage waiting for me to just pull it out.

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