April 11, 2011

pregnancy update- officially 6 months!

I am officially 6 months pregnant. Since Sunday, I am in my third trimester! It has gone by so fast. I can't believe that Miles will be here in 3 more months. I will officially be a mom in 3 more months. It is so strange to think that I will FOREVER be mom to another person. Sooooo, here's an update on how things are going:

~I had the monthly doc appt last Tuesday. This was the first time I had to go alone! I got there right on time, waited for about 15 minutes in the waiting room with a little boy who REALLY needed a diaper change, but who's dad must not be able to smell... why does being pregnant mean I have to smell everything??? It was not fun.

~ I have officially gained weight in my pregnancy. I think Miles makes me want to eat like a teenage boy, even though I do not have the metabolism of that teenage boy. He makes me hungry all the time! Anyway, I have *gasp* gained 6 pounds since my last visit! AAAAAAAA!!!! I couldn't believe it.. maybe the scale was just off that day or something (hey, I bet you tell yourself the same thing when you gain weight). That leaves me with a total weight gain of 4 pounds. Yup, I have gained 4 pounds in the 6 months I have been pregnant.

~When I finally met with Margot, she asked me how I felt about those 6 pounds and, after hearing what I am sure she hears often about me not liking it at all, she reassured me and reminded me that this means my body has actually lost about 10 pounds so far and is healthy. I know... I know.... I have talked a LOT about weight gain but after struggling with weight since forever, it is hard to just be happy with or even just ok with gaining ANY weight. It is easier I guess to just vent it all away on the blog.

~My belly was measured and is the perfect size! Margot says that I am a textbook pregnant woman. Miles measures perfectly for the weeks I am and is growing great.

~I got to hear his heartbeat again, which was really neat... his heart is strong and because of the tool they use to hear it, sounds kind of like a really fast closing door.

~Miles officially wakes me up with his morning kicks. If he senses that I might be awake or getting close to waking up, he kicks and pushes me so much that I have to wake up. He is so strong! He is getting close to actually hurting me. It is no longer little flutters or soft pushes... he kicks and moves enough to actually distort my belly.

~Miles is the most active right when I wake up and right when I lay down for sleep. Those are the times he uses all his energy to kick me really hard... otherwise he just lightly pushes me throughout the day.

~He doesn't like to kick for anyone but Carl. If you feel him kick, consider yourself lucky because even if he is moving a ton, as soon as someone puts their hand on my belly he stops moving... BUT when it is Carl, even if Miles is sleeping, when his hand touches my belly and he talks to my belly Miles wakes up just to kick his dad.

~I am loving being pregnant. It is really fun and exciting.... although I hear that the last 3 months are the worst part. I can't really imagine anything being worse than the first 3, but we'll see!

~I will try to take and post my 6 month belly pics soon, but be warned.... my belly is getting SO big... I can't imagine it any bigger and I still have 3 more months of growing baby to accommodate!

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