April 29, 2011

A better video of Miles moving!

Here is another video of Miles... he just goes through BIG moving spurts. He has about 3 times a day where he rolls and kicks so much that it is fun to watch. This video captures a bit of that :)

I think this video is a bit better than the last one... hopefully you can see all the movement :)

Nothing really new to report other than Miles is REALLY big.. Last night for the first time, he kicked BOTH sides of my belly at once. He must have had one leg under him and the other spread out because he was somehow kicking the top of my belly on both sides... it was cool to watch and for Carl to feel but it is getting to be more and more uncomfortable everyday for me.... not to mention that he is also getting alarmingly close to my ribs and we still have 2 more months of growth to go!
This is my first time using youtube, so if you can't see the video, try clicking here

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