April 3, 2011

A weekend shopping trip

Yesterday we went shopping up in Albuquerque for Carl. He needed some new more professional clothes because for the next 2 years he will be working in a hospital with patients, so he has to look like a doctor!

We decided to go to Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshals and on our way out we saw this:
The Jezzie had her head pushing through the tiny hole in our fence. She wanted to go too, but no.... we couldn't take her this time. It was really funny to see her with her head almost stuck trying to look at us through the fence!

When we got to ABQ, we started with Ross and found some GREAT clothes!!! They had a bunch of shirts, pants, and ties that looked great on Carl! The other store didn't really have much. I think we only found one pair of pants at TJ Maxx and nothing at Marshals BUT Ross had such great stuff that it was totally fine!
One of the nice outfits we got at Ross

Another great looking one!! (Carl makes for a great model, lol)

It was a really fun day and we even got to eat at this GREAT place that serves indian food with a friend of Carl's from Med school. It was fun and yummy!!

Here is what Carl ended up getting for school:

5 ties, 3 pairs of pants, and 6 shirts

Here are all the shirts.... white, black, light blue and green, silver, and a mauve colored one. He has a bunch of nice button up shirts, but he only had 3 that were solid, so that's what we went for.

The ties

We ended up getting Carl enough stuff that should mix well with the things he already has and all for under $200 (I know... I know.... $200??? That's a lot! but think about what you can get at Dillards for $200.... maybe 2 outfits. We got much more than that!)

Moral of today's post?? Shop at Ross for men's professional clothes. They look nice and are affordable! LOL


  1. SSSSSHHHHHH Don't tell but I got Brian a 2 shirt and tie sets at Khol's for Easter. One of them $4.59 and the other $9.99!!!!! Check out Khol's too for pants I just bought him some pants there too for easter at $25 each (they were only 25% off but sometimes you can find them for 40%-50% off.

  2. NICE!!! I LOVE to find bargains like that, and don't worry... I won't tell ;)