April 25, 2011

no slip socks and our first birthing class

We had our first birthing class on Saturday. We decided that because Carl is going to be so busy with school, we would do the weekend "crash course" that is 2 weeks of classes for 4 hours each time, instead of doing the normal 4 weeks of class that is 2 hours each time.

The class was great, we learned quite a bit about techniques that many women use during labor to help with the pain and things that Carl can do to help too. The doula suggested tons of great things that I think will be helpful. Plus, the class made me a bit more comfortable with the fact that pain is ok.

The doula did an experiment with ice that showed me I can handle pain with the right coping tools..... and having Carl there to support me made a big difference. It was a good class and it will be interesting to see what we learn about next week.

One of the things that was discussed was what to pack in the "go bag". So after class, Carl and I went to target to get some things that we didn't have yet for our bag. One of the things that were suggested were socks you can throw away for during the laboring process. I talked to Shelbie a few months ago and she suggested that I buy socks with the no-slip grips on the bottom. Then I could walk around without slipping and I wouldn't need slippers and socks.

When Carl and I went to Target, I found these HOT PINK SOCKS!!! Perfect for our "go bag"!!! Bright, colorful, fun, and my favorite color! BUT they didn't have the sticky thing on the bottom. So, instead of buying the sticky socks form walmart for $3, I decided to try a new craft with the socks I love from Target for $1. (I buy these socks all the time, in fact they are the only socks I own... about 15 pairs of white ones and about 10 pairs of black.... so I know that I like to wear them and they wont get too hot).

SEE!?? Bright, colorful, fun socks!

SOOO... with the help of these puffy paints (that I already owned thanks to my fun craftyness)

I was able to make my own sticky bottomed socks!!

I ended up making 2 different pairs. One with glow in the dark paint and one without.

All you have to do is get a pair of socks that you want to be no-slip and color dots ( or write words or your name or whatever you would like) on the bottom. Let it dry. ALL DONE!!!

It was so easy and now, I have hospital socks that I know I love to wear, that won't get my feel all sweaty, and look great! Plus they will be super easy to find in my bag :)

You could also do this to the bottom of your child's jammies to make them no-slip. I bet Miles is going to love having his foot-jammies or socks say his name. So, give it a try and let me know what you think!

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