April 8, 2011


The only thing I have noticed about my body's food changes is BANANAS. I have always been so picky about the bananas I like to eat.
This is the only kind of banana I would eat.....
yellow with green on the top and NO brown at all.

Now, I find myself eating all kinds of bananas...

Bananas with a few spots,
The little spots don't bother me anymore... I still eat them

Even bananas with LOTS of spots..
I ate one that looked like this last night. YUM!

In fact, before being pregnant, I would only eat bananas that were like the number 4 or 5. Now I find myself eating bananas that are 4, 5, 6, or 7 (this is a chart of the ripening process for bananas... cool right?) I see bananas in the grocery store and crave them.

I want them on my cereal, as a snack, before bed, with lunch, on top of ice cream... I just see them and really want to eat them. It is weird for me to actually want bananas, but I there are worse cravings (like the fact that I also really want to eat doughnuts, but just don't let myself)... so bananas are a good thing!

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