March 2, 2012

Friday Update

1. I trimmed Miles' hair for the first time this week. He had a few really long hairs and his hair was covering his ears, so I gave him a trim. Now I can make his hair be a mohawk again!
2. Miles has started saying ma. It is his official first word!! He says it when he is upset and wants something. I am almost positive he knows it means me.
3. Miles is getting to be such a mover. He crawls around fast (especially if you have the laptop!) and he is standing up all the time. The other night Carl made the remark that he feels jipped because we didn't get to have a baby for very long, he is already almost a toddler now. He just grew up so fast.
4. I took Miles to the park and let him swing. He didn't like me putting him in a weird thing, but he loved swinging... that is what the video showed. After being there for a few minutes, a man that was playing tennis stopped, looked at us, and said, "best years of life right there... enjoy it". It was sweet.
5. Miles went in his jumpy for the last time... I put him in it and he had fun. He likes jumping. I think he is just getting too big, our living room is too small, and he doesn't like to be in it for too long because he would rather crawl so I had Carl put it away. It actually made me sad to see it go, but I took a few pictures and am very glad we had the jumpy when Miles was little.
6. Carl is starting a rotation that is within walking distance of our home on Monday. I am so excited that he won't be taking 30-45 min each day going to and from work. It means more at home time!
7. Miles loves to play with the blinds. He likes to eat the metal cord (don't worry... he is ALWAYS supervised while he plays with it). It is funny to watch him crawl over to the back door, pat the door, lick the door, and then play with the blinds and cords.
8. Miles is so smart. We have a baby gate blocking the way to the kitchen and it has a door that swings open. When the door is open it has a little lip on it. Miles would crawl over and couldn't figure out how to crawl over the little lip but after showing him once, he now does it on his own.
9. Miles gets SO excited when Carl gets home. He smiles so big, starts crawling toward the garage, and cries until Carl picks him up. It is really cute to see.
10. Miles has started to pull his own hair. He mostly does it while he nurses to sleep. I am a bit worried that he is going to become one of those people who pulls out his own hair, but Carl says he isn't strong enough and it is just a phase. I hope he is right!

Miles' last time in the jumpy

sleeping- notice the shoes? He looks so big with shoes on

Mohawk after the haircut!

Another mohawk pic... isn't he so handsome in the little button up shirt?

at the park swinging for the first time

swinging video

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  1. What a handsome little dude! Isn't great when they get excited to see their daddy's? Always makes my heart melt!

    Happy Friday!