March 9, 2012

Friday Update

1.Carl is loving family medicine. he only has to go 5 half days, but has to go to school the other days so he is still gone most of the weekdays.
2. Miles is doing well, but nothing has really changed this week.
3. I'm thinking about visiting my dad and family soon because flights are so cheap but I'm nervous about flying alone witha baby for the first time... Anyone have a few pointers?
4. None of our family have seen Miles crawling yet... Hint, hint family... Come visit us!
5. Carl got Miles a ball yesterday and he is trying to teach Miles how to roll the ball back and forth. It is so cute.
6. We are trying to work on getting Miles sleeping longer at night, so we are trying to feed him more during the day so he doesn't need to wake up as much.

I guess this is it for this week... Like I said, nothing new is really going on

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