March 16, 2012

Friday Update

1. Miles took a step on Tuesday. He was standing at the coffee table, let go, stood there for a second, and then stepped toward me! He only made it one step and fell, and hasn't tried it since. I  think this totally counts as his first step, but Carl says he isn't so sure... Miles did manage to pick up his foot and move it forward, so does it count?
2. Miles is a little spitter. He has learned how to blow on his tongue to make a spitting sound and he does it all the time. He does this more than making talking noises.
3. Allergies are horrible this year. I am so stuffy and itchy and sneezy (is it just me or did you think those sound like dwarf names too?).
4. Miles really hasn't grown for the last few months. He is still wearing the same clothes and is only about a pound more than he was at new years. I think crawling is helping him to gain muscle and lose fat though... his face seems to look thinner than it did and I feel like he looks more grown up than before.
   He weighs 24.2 lbs and is still 28.75 in tall this means he is in the 90 th percentile for weight for age and a little over 75 percentile for length for age.
5. Miles has so many bruises.. I know it's from crawling but I feel bad. He gets them on his head from bonking his head on the coffee table, but he also now has them on his legs from crawling over our baby gate in the kitchen (it has a little lip that he crawls over).
6. Miles is going through his 8 month bad sleep time. It is totally normal for babies. He is just so busy all day learning new things, so when we go to bed it is hard for him to fall asleep. It is also hard for him to stay asleep. When he starts coming out of a sleep cycle, into a lighter sleep, he wakes himself up to play. When he wakes up he rolls over and starts to crawl even before he is all the way awake. It is crazy and makes for a bunch of nursing at night so he can go back to sleep.
7. Carl stayed home on Wednesday because he caught a cold from his clinic. We really tried to keep Miles away from him so we'll see if he ends up sick.
8. Miles and I are going to fly to see my dad and family for Easter. My step mom was nice enough to buy us a plane ticket to visit for a week! It is going to be so fun because my sister Shelbie is also going to be visiting with my sweet niece! I am a bit nervous about going on a plane with Miles by myself, but it for sure beats driving for 10+ hours!
9.  Carl, Miles, and I went to the park the other day and we let Miles put his feel in the sand for the first time. He wasn't so sure of it and just kept squishing his toes around in it.
10. Miles loves playing with the doggie door. He crawls over to the back door and likes to push the door open. I am just waiting for the time when he realizes he can push stuff outside and then learns he can fit through the door himself (when that happens, the dog door will get taken out for awhile).

a current pic of his only teeth

him playing with his remote

me and an outfit I bought this week

cute Miles sleeping... look at the cheeks!

Miles biting the arm of the chair... he likes to do this when he is standing up at the side of the chair

Miles playing with the dog bed, while Jezzie hides inside her blanket

His leg bruises

on his head from falling or going under the table and hitting his head, or whatever we can't catch soon enough

Miles playing with the doggie door

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