March 7, 2012

8 Months!

     You are getting to be such a big boy. You are getting taller and taller everyday. It seems like each time I look at you I see a more grown up version of you. You are such a funny baby. You like to follow me around the house, especially if I am going to the kitchen! You love to climb up on the dishwasher and play with the silverware and all the plastic dishes. I will be cooking and I'll look over to see you up on the dishwasher pulling out whatever you can reach and throwing it on the floor. You like to hear stuff hit the floor. It is so silly. I think your favorite thing is either the kitchen or playing guys with us. You LOVE to see me or daddy acting silly. In fact, last night daddy was holding you and I was chasing you guys around the house. It was so much fun. We were all laughing and it was just great. I think I will forever remember last night.
     Right now, you are playing with daddy on the floor. You are eating a block and daddy is smashing stuff for you to laugh at. It is really cute. I think it is fun to see you and daddy playing together. You sure bring out the kid in both of us. You have become quite the little mover. You just go wherever you want and even leave daddy and me to go play alone in your playroom... although once you realize you are alone you either cry or come back to us or both. I can't believe what a good baby you are. It seems like each month goes by and you keep being so good... you would think I would just get used to it, but whenever we go out people always comment on how patient, handsome, curious, happy, and just all around great you are. It is  a nice reminder to be thankful for the wonderful little man you are.
      You also are a little talker. You like to make all kinds of sounds to daddy and me. The newest thing is you like to almost spit with your tongue. It is so funny... it is kind of like a raspberry, kind of like sticking your tongue out and blowing but you do it all the time. You still make the g sound a lot, but have started to say mmmaaa and mooooom and hiiiiiii and heeeeeeyyyy. It is really fun. You also have learned how to kiss and if in the right mood with give one to me! It is so great. I feel like each month goes by so fast and you just grow too quickly. You are my little 8 month old who is bigger than both of your cousins who are older than you. You are so smart and have been doing things that most 9 month olds are learning (and you have been doing them for a month now and don't have any trouble doing them). You love to climb and your dad just showed you how to throw the blocks at other blocks and so you are trying that out with every toy you get your hands on. I just love you so much Miles. It seems like the longer I know you, the more personality you have, and the more and more I love you. You are an amazing boy who is going to do amazing things. Keep growing, and never stop loving your daddy and I because we will never stop loving you.

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