March 19, 2012


So Carl came home on Tuesday last week starting to feel yucky. We thought it might just be allergies, but nope. By Wednesday he was full on sick. He was running a fever, tired, achy, and had a head cold that was like allergies but 100 times worse. Needless to say, he stayed home from school while I watched Miles and brought him food and water, checking on him a few times a day to make sure he didn't need anything.

The week finishes up and I think we are out of the clear because it's Saturday morning and neither Miles nor I are sick! Yeah!!!

BUT THEN, Miles starts acting funny and is super cranky and wants nothing but to be held. I tell Carl that I think Miles caught your cold, but he says he thinks Miles is just cranky. Sunday approaches and sure enough, Miles runs a fever all day long (not a big one and we controlled it with meds). Our weekend was full of cranky, sick baby and yucky weather.

Sunday was also full of me wondering why my allergies were going out of control. You'd think I would realize that it isn't allergies after seeing Carl wonder the same thing a few days ago, but no.. I still think it is just allergies and continue my day with cranky baby and massive sneezing, throat soreness (due to drainage... sorry if you didn't want to know that), and all that fun allergy greatness. Then, I wake up at 12:30 am and realize that my nose is watering so much and I now am so cold that even Miles can't warm me... oh no. I must be sick too.

It is now 5 in the morning and I am up because the thought of laying down and having to breathe through my mouth while my throat is so sore is repulsive. I am letting my sweet boys sleep and I am in the living room wondering if and hoping Carl can take the day off to help me with Miles since I really don't feel well (although i doubt he can afford to take a day when this week is busy for him.)

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  1. as it turns out, Carl decided to take a half day and come home at 1. It is nice to have him here, helping with Miles