March 23, 2012

Friday Update

1. Miles has started loving books. We read to him each night before bed as a way for him to transition to sleeping. Since we read every day, he has started crying at the end of books. It is like he is sad that the book is over and he doesn't have anymore pages to turn. It is so funny. At first  he only cried at the end of the books at night, but now he is crying at the end of any book.
2. Miles and I are still sick with the cold Carl gave us.
3. I bought Miles a pair of leather shoes from target and we love them. They are light and breathables, but still protect his feet when we are out.
4. We are going to a birthday party tomorrow at a park. It is one of Carl's med school friend's daughter's birthday. She is turning 2 and we are excited to go.
5. We took Miles to the zoo for the first time yesterday. It was so fun. We went with my friend Lauren and her 2 girls. Miles loved it.
6. I am so excited for the hunger games movie. It is one of the few times I wish Miles was older so we could go see it.... But we will just have to wait until it comes out on dvd.
7. Putting Miles to sleep alone has become harder because now he likes to wake up and crawl off the bed head first. I caught him last night as he was about to fall, so now he is getting a later nap and going to bed with us.
8. Miles is standing more and more by himself. He will stand and hold a toy while he eats it for about 10 seconds before he falls on his tushy.
9. Miles LOVES to see himself in the mirror. He loves to see his reflection and usually going in front of a mirror helps to calm him down if he is upset.
10. Miles ate beans for the first time tonight and he really liked it. He hasn't been too into food lately, but he really liked the beans.

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  1. Mms.... Beans! I am dying to see the hunger games too!