September 9, 2010


So Carl and I woke up and we cleaned out the fridge and freezer. We have been meaning to for awhile now, but finally we got around to doing it. We used some plastic containers that I had leftover from my classroom and organized our freezer. This is what we ended up with. You can see now that we are using ALL our freezer space and can now pull out the containers to see what we need. There is the pink dot bucket for fruit, blue for veggies, and the bottom left is meat for family (with our veggie-meat in front), the bottom middle is side items (like tatertots, potatoes, rice, ect) and the bottom right is where we put frozen leftovers. I think we did a good job and now we always know what is in our tiny freezer :)


  1. YAY!!! I am so dang glad you started blogging!!!! I can't wait to updated frequently with your's and Carl's adventures!!! Blogging is so much fun I love it and can't wait until the end of the year to put our blog into a 2009-2010 book!!!! I just have to figure out how to follow your blog now!

  2. LOL!!! Thanks!! I guess after reading yours for so long I thought it might be fun to start blogging and see how it goes. I didn't know you could make a book of it!!!! That is SOOOO cool! WOW, just another great reason to write things down in a blog :) and good luck trying to figure out how to "follow" a blog. I am still trying to figure things out for myself :D