September 9, 2010


So you might be wondering.... what is it that you would eat that does not include meat? Well, here it is folks! Carl and I bought a rice cooker (and since we won't be eating meat, we figured it was a good investment). Here is our new rice cooker along with our lunch today. I made corn rice seasoned with a bunch of stuff including toasted sesame seeds and steamed carrots. YUM! We both REALLY enjoyed it, only next time I will add some kidney beans for added protein. (today we just had some baked beans on the side along with a handful of cashews).... and here are the pics!

This is my new rice cooker... you might be wondering, "what is that weird silver thing on top of the rice cooker?" well, read on!

YES, my rice cooker comes with a veggie steamer that goes on top and steams veggies while it makes rice!

Here is the finished product!

Carl and I just finished eating it and he said, "It was SO good!" I think that just about sums it up.... anyone hungry? I have leftovers!


  1. Looks good but I like your bowl better thats so cute!!

  2. Thanks!! We got them for our wedding from Target :)