September 17, 2010

Wow... Friday already

So today is Friday and Carl is completing his first week back at school. We have really gotten a good routine down. The alarm goes off at 6, he gets ready and I lay in bed trying to wake up, we both go out into the kitchen by 6:20 and I help him put together some breakfast and get out his lunch that we made the night before, and then Carl leaves around 6:40 to catch the train. Now after that, I usually go into our room and read the bible, come into the living room and work out, shower, get ready for the day and then clean, cook, laundry, watch hoarders (or some other show that is really just there for background noise) and before I know it Carl is already home again. It really is a nice way to spend the day.
I am getting used to being home again and am loving all the alone time :) That is something I didn't think I would ever say, let alone be ok with.... but I like my quiet mornings that are very laid back.
Our diet is going well.... hmm, maybe not our "diet" since we aren't trying to lose weight or anything, maybe I'll call it our change in eating habits. Well, whatever you would call it is going well. Lauren came and stayed one night with us and we grilled boca burgers, corn, and ate sweet potato fries. It was really good and Lauren liked it too. She said she couldn't really taste a difference :D I even got Madison to drink chocolate Silk (but maybe since it was so chocolaty she didn't care what kind of milk it was).
We are looking forward to having a bunch of family coming and visiting (and don't worry, we have a whole bucket of meat for all the rest of you to eat when you stay with us) and are excited for the next month, where every weekend has something fun going on.

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