September 7, 2010

start of a new diet :)

So... I guess now I am going to start blogging. I thought about doing this since now Carl and I are trying to be vegetarians I thought that blogging about our experiences would be fun.

We have officially not had meat for one day. It would be a few more but our neighbors had a BBQ that we scheduled awhile before we decided to do the meatless thing. So lots of people have asked why we are doing this. I guess it all started with an Oprah show (ok, don't laugh too hard, Oprah is a great show :D). She had a show all about being more aware of what you are eating and where your food comes from. Oprah had a bunch of guests on, including Alicia Silverstone. Well, she featured the new book Alicia had written, called "The Kind Diet" and she showed clips of a documentary showing the living conditions of the animals we eat. Lets just say my eyes were opened to a world I never knew even existed. I guess you could call me naive, but I preferred to call it blissfully unaware, until now. After seeing how horribly animals are treated, I started thinking more about what I would do about it and eventually broached the topic of not eating meat with Carl. We really don't eat too much meat now (although after really thinking about it, we would eat a bunch of meat when we'd eat out) so cutting out meat shouldn't be too bad.

well, it really isn't that bad. Yesterday we ate bocca burgers (a type of veggie burger) and although it didn't taste exactly like meat (neither did ground turkey) it was really good. Today we tried a yummy southwest corn soup and I must say I don't really miss meat :)

I think I'll try to blog every few days and try to keep up with our meatless eating :)

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