September 13, 2010


Today, while Carl was at school, I did a bunch of stuff! I watched true blood, read the bible, worked out for an hour, did 4 loads of laundry, VACUUMED the couch (which had Jack and Jez hair ALL over it.... see picture on the side... I know it was really gross, but I promise it looks so much better now ), made dinner, and watched 3 episodes of Hoarders on our Netflix.

It is so crazy!!! These people are insane. The first episode has a lady who has 3 rotting pumpkins in her living room along with meat dripping out of her TWO freezers! I just can't imagine saving food that expired 3 YEARS AGO and her reason for saving it is, "it was frozen so it doesn't expire as quickly." YUCK!!!

Since I watched Hoarders, my couches look fantastic, my dishes are done, and all the laundry is folded and put away. When you are not feeling motivated to clean, just watch this show and it will make you glad for what you have and will REALLY make you want to clean up :)


  1. That show is so sick! Imagine actually going into people's houses that live like that. Brian did most of his installing in Hoarder's homes last year. On a few of those jobs I was there it is so disgusting!!! And the dang people want security alarms to protect all of their SHIZ! Bizarre if you ask me!

  2. Yeah... it just seems so strange. These people are just bounded by there stuff. It is so sad (but like I said a GREAT motivator!)