September 12, 2010

One week down!

It has officially been a week since Carl and I have gone meatless. I made the best dinner tonight... I wish I had taken a picture of it. I cut up a zucchini from our garden and sautéed it with some garlic, added some chopped green chile, some tomato, and topped it with motzo cheese. We ate that with some really yummy 9 grain toast. I must say that I don't really miss eating meat. The only meat that I might really miss is stuff that doesn't really make you think of meat.
I mean, when I think of "meat" I think of a big red meaty steak or a really juicy BBQ rib, a roast, or grilled chicken breast. I think the meat I will miss the most are things like tuna (a tuna sandwich from subway), ham on thanksgiving, or bacon for breakfast. They are things that I had good feelings about when i ate them. We have decided to give up meat for so many different reasons (and if you really want to know and are brave enough to find out, you can click on this link and see 49 good reasons to be a vegetarian I especially identify with the ethical reasons) so I don't think I will be eating meat anytime soon, even the things I might miss at times.

On another note, Carl starts school tomorrow and I am not really excited. He is ready and I think a bit nervous but I am not ready. That means that I have to go back to work to save up some money and I no longer get my hubby as a day time companion. I have to be alone all day or work. YUCK! Lol.... I know it wont be too bad and honestly, I think we are both ready to get back into a real routine. We decided to make goals for our life before he went back to school, so today we wrote down what we would like to accomplish and I came up with these:

1.Exercise at least 3 days a week
2. Read the bible at least 5 days a week
3. Cook dinner at least 3 days a week
4. Save at least $500 a month (so we can afford to go to Mexico, visit our friend Karoline next year for her wedding, and save some money for having a baby)
5. Get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy
- do this by being more healthy in general
- eating less sugar and more veggies
- and complete goal number one
6. Do at least one nice thing for Carl everyday
7. Drink at least 48 oz of water everyday (not koolaid or soda or juice)
8. Read for at least 30 min 5 or more days a week
9. Eat out twice a month or less
10. Visit some family at least every 6 months.

I think these are very nice goals to have and hopefully I will be able to do them and keep doing them! Carl made a goal list too (and he has a bunch more goals than I do!) so we decided to tape them up in our bathroom to help keep us motivated and maybe this will help motivate you :)

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out."

Robert Collier


  1. Sounds like a good goal list I really need to get going on mine it's on my to-do list of 30 things before the end of the week but I'll adventually get there. I know you will conquer goal 8. And hopefully we are included in goal 10. And hopefully goal 5 will happen really soon for you!!!! We miss you guys and love you and enjoy reading your blog so keep keeping us updated!

  2. Thanks Shelb!! I know you can totally do it too! And we are hoping to be preg soon, but time will tell :) We miss you guys too and are super excited to see you again in just a few weeks!! XOXOXO

  3. You guys are doing so great! Those are awesome goals, and I totally support your meatless efforts. :)

    Can't wait to see you guys in less than a month! Keep up the blogging! :)