September 11, 2010

Yard Sale!

So today Carl and I had a yard sale. We decided to do this on Thursday so we went through all th boxes in the garage and I put together all the stuff I could live without and we tagged it all. We had a desk, 2 rugs, office supplies, a stuffed horse, some toys (from when I babysat), some books I didn't want, an old picture frame, 2 lamps, pillars from our wedding, tons of pillows from my classroom, a mini fridge from college that I used in my classroom, a microwave I used in my classroom, and just random stuff we had in our garage. We sold about half of it and made $150. We didn't put an add in the paper or anything, just woke up at 6, got dressed, put all the stuff in the driveway, and put out boxes. It was really easy and when we were done we just took the boxes down and drove all of our leftovers to the local donation place. We stayed outside from about 6:30-2:30 but I still feel like it was worth it. We got rid of a bunch of stuff., our garage is almost clean, AND we made some money.

Well, I thought I would also update our diet. We are doing well with not eating meat and two days ago Carl made this for breakfast:

Spinach eggs, avocado, and an orange.

Today we didn't eat particularly well, but it was hard to cook while watching garage salers. I did go out with some of our profits and buy lunch- a veggie green chile cheese sandwich for carl and a bean burrito for me :)

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