March 11, 2011

Baby gear!!

I got 2 baby packages from my mom today!!! I am getting more and more excited about meeting little Miles in another 4 months but will just have to be satisfied with all the cool "stuff" he gets :)

The first package was my new stroller/car seat! I am totally in love with it! It is the perfect size and color and style and I can't say enough about how much I can't wait to put my actual baby in it

The second was all the stuff I needed to start using cloth diapers. I decided that since I am going to be a stay at home mom, I wanted to try cloth diapers (don't judge). They are a great way to save money and I think it is something that I can make work... if not, then oh well.

I also thought that when Miles gets home, I plan on using regular diapers for a few weeks to make it easier on everyone (I think it would just be too hard to getting to know Miles AND trying to use a new diaper system). BUT... my mom sent the things we would need for when we start using them. Here are the REALLY cute cloth diapers we chose:

These are the outer covers... SO CUTE!!! The little 'g' goes on his bum

These are the little cloth parts that you wash... I am going to need a bunch of these, but my mom started us out with 12.

This is what the inside looks like. It has a waterproof liner in it as well that helps to keep the outer cover clean :)

Well, today has already been a GREAT day and I am so excited to see my little cute Miles again on Wednesday for our last ultrasound!


  1. I love the colors of the stroller and car seat! How cute! And kudos to you for trying cloth diapers. My friends have used them and like em!

  2. Thanks Lin!! The only person I know who has tried cloth is my step-sis Jessica. She just had a little boy, uses them all the time, and loves them... I guess we'll see if we like them too!