March 11, 2011

snack time!

I have found the perfect pregnancy snack (or not pregnant snack) . It has 15 grams of protein, tastes great, and pairs really well with most fruit. It is sweet, creamy, and tart. YUM!!


Now I normally hate eating yogurt. It is too creamy. For some reason I really don't like the way it feels when I eat it.... maybe I ate it too much when I was younger, but the only yogurt I enjoy is the yoplait chocolate whips (because they taste like chocolate mousse) and greek yogurt!

I have tried almost every kind of greek yogurt and love them all.... I really liked the blueberry and strawberry but I think my favorite is the vanilla, honey, or plain because then I can add my own fruit on the side (I sweeten the plain with some honey so it's not so tart).

If you are not a big yogurt fan, you should give this a try! It surprised me and now I love to eat one as a nice afternoon snack :)

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