March 31, 2011

Garage Sale

Last weekend we had a garage sale and got rid of a bunch of stuff that was filling up our house and garage. Since I am pregnant, I have had the "get rid of it" attitude... normally I like to keep things 'just in case' I might need them, but with all the stuff a baby comes with I just need more space. I cleaned out our WHOLE house.... our bedroom, closet, bathrooms, office, and finally the garage... I kept finding more and more things that I was willing to give up to make more space.

We got up at 6 am and had it all set out and ready by 7:15. The morning was slow, but eventually we got enough traffic that we made $100. The stuff that didn't sell we ended up donating. It turned out to be a great afternoon!

All of our stuff

Another pic of all the stuff

This was the doggie during the whole garage sale. She sat in the garage, on a chair (the most comfortable chair), under a blanket, in the sun. Can you say spoiled???
LOL.. if she wasn't outside with us, she was crying at the garage door begging to come and see what we were doing.

All in all, our garage sale was a success.... we made some money, BUT the most important thing is we made space in our home and we can now pull the car into the garage!!!!

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  1. Sounds like a success! I love spring cleaning. :) Miss you guys!