March 4, 2011


So I am in the camp of, "I ate too much oatmeal one summer and now hate the feeling of it in my mouth so I never eat it." LOL... I normally don't like oatmeal- the taste, the feeling of the slimy oats... you get the idea BUT I have finally found a way that I actually like it.

I know, I know.... can't i just make up my mind already? Well, for those of you, like me, who hate or at least strongly dislike oatmeal, try this tip:

eat it with berries!

Make it and sweeten it and then add berries on top of it. The tart berries make the sweet oatmeal taste perfect and the crispness of the berries makes it to where you can't taste the sticky stuff.

It is so good and when I am out of blackberries, I use frozen (but thawed out) raspberries. SOOOOOOO, if you normally don't like oatmeal, give this a try :)

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