March 31, 2011

Little Mover

The last few days Miles has been super active. I think he is finally getting big enough that I can feel all of his movements and he is active for LONG periods of time. Now he is awake for a few hours at a time and he is starting to behave more like a newborn (awake for a few hours, asleep for a few).

The latest development has been that when he moves, you can feel it A LOT on the outside. When he first wakes up and is really active, you can even see him moving around. I can't make out the parts that are moving yet, but he makes my belly look so weird when he moves.

Yesterday, I spent about 45 minutes playing with him... he would kick my side and I would push back. Then he would kick again and I would push where he kicked. It was so fun, sitting and watching my belly push up and just connecting with Miles.... I think he had fun (and if he didn't, I sure did!). Then I showed Carl last night.. he got to see when Miles moves and watch as our baby kicks (although, truthfully I am not sure they are kicks. I wonder what is a kick and what is a hand pushing). It is the coolest thing, to have your baby roll (which feels REALLY weird) and kick while you feel and see it happening.

I just kept thinking about what he will look like when he is born and what he will like to do. Babies don't change too much from how they act in utero... do they? I think he will be the same little mover he is now, even after he is born. I bet he is going to love laying on the floor just kicking away.... my little wiggle worm :)

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