March 10, 2011

a not quite finished but clean nursery

I am not quite done with my nursery and hope to find myself getting some things for the crib and room at my baby shower in May, but I figured that I could post pics of how it is coming along.

The changing table/dresser

The guest bed (I figure that when we have company, the baby can sleep in our room in a pac-n-play.)

Our book shelf/ toy holder (it is bolted to the wall so baby can't pull it over)

The crib! We have decided on a green, blue, and yellow theme for the room along with animals.
I think it all looks good, but we are still missing the crib bedding and a few other things.


  1. You might be using the guest bed more than the guests. lol. The room looks great! You guys have done a fabulous job. Dee

  2. LOL... I bet you are right :) and thanks!