March 8, 2011

A dinner out

Carl and I got some really good news last week. He got his USMLE test scores back from his step 1 test and did FANTASTIC! We both were really excited and decided to celebrate with a yummy dinner out. We went to a winery and bistro called St. Clair. This is a winery that is located in New Mexico and offers wine flavors you have never tried elsewhere- plum loco, green chile wine, margarita wine, ect. (and no I didn't have any wine.. I AM pregnant, but Carl did have a glass.)

Here are some pics from that evening:

We decided to eat on the patio due to nice weather and this is what awaited us!
We were the only people out there!
It was really nice to sit outside in the sun and be able to talk and laugh (and if you know me, my laugh can get a bit loud) and not have to worry about people listening or judging.
It was SO great to have the whole patio to ourselves :)

Carl waiting for our dinner order and eating some yummy, warm, fresh bread.

This is what Carl ordered... don't let the messy appearance fool you (this was after he had eaten some and mixed it all around)... he ordered a pesto pasta and it was REALLY good! It had a spicy red sauce under the pesto and that is what you see here.

This is what I ordered- pasta danielle. SO good... it was a bit spicy but had a great flavor!

Then we decided to splurge and get dessert too- we hardly ever do this... normally we are just too full, but we saved half of our pasta for leftovers and decided to try a good dessert.
We ordered a bread pudding. It was so good! yum- it tasted kind of like really sweet french toast.

As we were leaving (and my tummy was SO full) Carl decided it would be nice to take a few pics of me... especially since I had dressed up a bit.

So here we are- me and Miles, 5 months pregnant, healthy, and with a big growing (full) belly!

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  1. I love St. Clairs! I go there with my girls all the time but I still need to take Rob. Especially since he has got to try the bread pudding. Good call on ordering that delightful desert by the way it is oh- so- tasty!