May 3, 2011

Cookies and Hiccups


Today I decided to use the organic peanut butter that I had left over to make cookies! I found this recipe and only added vanilla extract. They were easy to make and really tasty!

Here are the cookies I made... they are so good and soft and a bit crumbly.

Here is a close up!

Sorry the pics are bit blueish but that is due to my funny phone. They are really good! I am hoping to give a few to my neighbors along with the lemon bars I made a few days ago (the lemon bars were a bit weird to make and turned out only ok or I would share that recipe too).


Yesterday, while talking to Carl, Miles started moving. Carl put his hand on my belly and we realized that the movements were too regular and too small to be kicks. That's when we realized that they were hiccups! I have been waiting to feel his hiccups, and figured that he was just too young to have them yet. It was so exciting to finally feel him hiccup! He kept up the hiccuping for around 45 minutes... every few seconds, just a little bump in the same spot. It was really neat to feel and GREAT that Carl got to be here when I felt it for the first time.

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