May 6, 2011

Fries that are good for you!

Last night for dinner, I decided to try a recipe that I found. It was for zucchini fries! I thought it would be so easy to make BBQ crockpot chicken and have these as a side.. Easy Peasy...

I started the chicken at like 2- put chicken in crockpot, add about a bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce, turn on low. That's it! It cooks itself and makes your home smell amazing.

Then, around 5 I cut up 3 zucchinis into long strips, tossed them in with an egg, and put them into a ziplock baggie of shake and bake (plus Parmesan cheese). Then baked at 450 for 12 min (turning them at 7 min).

It was so easy to make and so yummy. Carl even commented that the dinner was amazing and we ate all the zucchini fries! They tasted like the fried zucchini you can get at resaturates, but better and more healthy! We used buffalo shake and bake, so ours turned out a bit spicy but they were so good... especially dipped in ranch!

I didn't take any pictures, but here is a pic from the website I found this recipe on... and if you want to read the whole recipe, click here... you can see the recipe, the picture, and read about TONS of good recipes.

Picture taken from this page

I really recommend that the next time you have zucchini, you try this recipe. You won't be disappointed... I know I will be making these fries a ton this summer with the zucchinis from our garden.

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  1. Hi Macey, I'm glad you liked the recipe. These fries are our family-favorite too:)