May 9, 2011

It's that time again

time to put in our summer garden! We always wait until at least Mother's Day weekend to plant... otherwise, there is a chance of frost and you don't want to kill the plants! We have been waiting and waiting through a month of warm weather and I'm glad we did because April was one of the most windy months EVER in our state. I think it actually took the record (or a close #2) for the windiest month.

So, on Saturday we decided to go to Low's and Home Depot to get some plants. Carl spent the afternoon tilling the ground (while I napped due to NO sleep Friday night) and we planted together that evening. Here is this summer's line-up:

-cherry tomatoes
-radishes (these we are trying from seeds)
- snap peas (seeds also)
-lettuce (seeds)
- cilantro (seeds)
-and what we think is a zucchini  plant

You might be wondering.... how do we not know what a plant is? Well, this is why.... we have been composting our fruit and veggie scraps for about a year because we have bins in the garage with worms that make the best dirt out of kitchen scraps... well, Carl got the idea to plant some cilantro in a pot from some seeds we had with only compost as the soil.
Our compost is full of (mostly broken down) seeds and peelings from everything we eat. When our cilantro grew, so did a plant that looks like it could be a zucchini plant..... or it could be something totally different, lol. All we know is it was something that we have eaten in the past and that we composted the seeds of. So, we planted this plant in the garden, hoping it is zucchini, and replanted some cilantro from seeds into another container (with planting soil this time).

The Jezzie... this is where she laid, since I was sitting in the only chair planing herbs in our pots
Doesn't she look so pathetic? LOL

These are our compost worms. They are amazing... they make the grossest things into the most amazing smelling dirt. It ends up smelling like the mountains. I love composting!

This is Carl... he is putting that big scoop of worms into our outdoor composter. We had to move the worms to our garage for the winter so they wouldn't freeze, but now that it is warm enough, back outside they go!

We are hoping to make lots of salsa this summer with our garden and hopefully the plants will survive the wind for the next few weeks. Also, I will try to take pictures of our actual garden, but the plants are so small they are hard to see and some of them are still seeds, so it will have to wait a few weeks.

On a brighter note, we planted a raspberry bush last year and it is growing strong now! It has tons of flowers and we are hoping that they might turn into actual raspberries!

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