May 17, 2011

In Farmington

I am now in Farmington, spending the week with my mom, and getting ready for the baby shower this weekend. Yesterday, was a very busy day filled with a lot!

It started with waking up and watching some t.v. while cleaning out my mom's linen closet. I thought that since she is being SO generous with all the baby shower stuff, that I would help to repay her by organizing some of her home (these are things that she asks me to do almost every time I visit... and if I have time, I usually will organize whatever she needs). I took some pictures and here it is...

This is the before... and after I had already taken out the bunch of blankets in the next picture

All the stuff I took out at first (trust me there was A LOT more I took out) 
The after! I organized the blankets, sheets, towels, ect

The bottom of the closet all organized.

After cleaning out this closet, I went over to visit Lauren. We went out to eat, ordered the cake, went to the party store to get the plates and decorations, went to Sam's club so she could get a few things, went to the college, and then hung out at her house... it was a bunch of fun, but also bunches of errands! I even went to the grocery store afterward to get some things I needed. 

It was a long day yesterday but a lot of fun... and now I am one day closer to seeing family and having the baby shower! 

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