May 8, 2011


Here is a very quick post.... about pancakes.

Carl and I have tried so many pancake recipes. They never taste like the kind you get at a restaurant. I am almost always disappointed. NOT THIS TIME!!!!

I looked up a recipe for IHOP pancakes and came across this website. I read the ingredients while Carl put it all together and it took about 5 minutes. That's it.... pancake mix in 5 minutes. The only thing we did differently, was we didn't have buttermilk so we made our own with lemon and milk.... and we added a tsp of vanilla.

These were the most fluffy, moist, yummy pancakes ever. They really did taste exactly like the pancakes you would get at IHOP, Village Inn, or Dennys. They were so good! And so easy! It made just enough for Carl and I to get full, plus about 4 more for leftovers. We even added mini chocolate chips to a few....YUM!

My pancake! 

Soooo... if you are like me (craving good pancakes without having to pay $7 a plate), try the recipe! You will not regret it!

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