September 23, 2011

Food blog!!

It has been SO long since I posted about food.... I think this is largely due to having a baby (who is much more fun to post about) but here is the latest food stuff I have made

Chocolate croissants inspired by one of my pintrest pins
First you take nutella (yum) and spread it on croissant dough (I bought a refrigerated roll at walmart)

 Then you put marshmallows on top

pinch together the sides and bake at 350 for around 12 minutes

They turn out tasting kind of like smores... yummy!

Now for my new go to dinner:

Garlic and cheese pasta. You boil pasta and while it is cooking, you saute garlic with oil in a pan. Add in whatever veggies you like (I did zuchinni, bell pepper, and tomato) and cook. Then add in cooked pasta and parm cheese. It is SO good and so easy! 

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  1. Oh my gosh! We just bought Nutella and I LOVE s'mores!