September 16, 2011

Friday Update

10 weeks have flown by!!!

1. Miles LOVES walks... we went on one yesterday and today ad he fell asleep within the first 10 minutes.
2. Miles has found his hands.... he likes to put them in his mouth, whenever he remembers they are there.
3. I finished reading 'The Help' and loved it... such a good book!
4. Last night the power went out and for the first time I was actually scared instead of excited (to my credit, Miles and I were alone... Carl was spending the night at the hospital because he was on call).
5. Carl comes home and tells me all about the cool stuff he got to do or see in surgery... some of them are really cool, others not so much (such as, " I got to hold ___ tool for an hour today during a surgery!" to which I replied, " that's great honey." )
6. The Jezzie is finally starting to like Miles. She doesn't just run anytime he is near,

7. Miles really likes his play gym. He talks to the stuffed animal that plays music and cries when the music stops.
8. It is finally cool outside! I love the fall and am so excited to be able to go outside again!
9. Miles did so well with his shots this week, but one of  his legs is still a bit sore and he doesn't like it to be touched to much. I bet it is from the TDAP shot... that one hurts!
10. I will leave you with some sweet sleeping baby pictures, all taken yesterday or today.

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  1. Look at his long eye lashes. One month Mya's leg was a little swollen and stiff about the size of a half dollar when I noticed it it went down about 2 days later I just the massaged the injection site very lightly. Mya loves walks too she could go for hours its the only time Brian and I have to talk and not worry about pulling her out from a cupboard or eating some paper off the floor. Miles and Mya are going to love each other!!!! Love you sis. You are a great Mommy. And Carl keep up the good work! I'm sure no one can hold a surgery tool like you can! Just please don't come home and tell Macey you got to hold a leg or something while they sewed it back on. A heart or lungs thats cool, ... leg ummm.... not so much. Oh love you too Carly