September 9, 2011

Friday Update

9 Whole weeks!

 here are some pics!

(my mom asked if he is doing the macarena, lol)

 Carl captioned this as, "I don't want to wear the whale outfit!" LOL

1. Miles has officially grown out of his 0-3 month clothes and is now wearing 3-6 month.... which sadly means he no longer fits in his cute whale outfit :( or any of the other cute jumpers... BUT he now gets to wear new outfits. I changed over all his clothes yesterday.
2. Carl's Vava is here for the weekend and visiting Miles for the first time. We are super excited!
3. This is the cutest dog video ever... wish Jezzie could do that.
4. We went camping on Saturday and actually spent the whole night in Cuba with my family. Miles did great! He slept good and just loved all the attention he got from all of our family, plus he LOVED being outside.
5. Miles and I had our first night alone together on Sunday. Carl was on call and stayed the night at the hospital so I had Miles from 5 pm on Sunday until 5 pm on Monday. Miles and I had a good time and we both slept really well.
6. I have gotten Miles to sleep in his swing 3 times this week! I was able to get laundry done, the kitchen cleaned, and food made... it was great so I hope this nap time thing continues!
7. Miles and I had our first outing without Carl. We went to ABQ to see my ob and went to target. It actually went really well. He didn't even have a meltdown and it was during his naptime. 
8. On the way to the car from the ob, an 80-ish year old lady in the elevator looked at Miles and said, "wow... you need to go on a diet... but you sure are cute." I wanted to punch her. A DIET???? He isn't fat and who says that to a baby?
9. Miles has had a bit of a wet cough and stuffy nose each morning... I think I might start using a humidifier at night and hopefully it will go away. I wonder if the wet cough is from him swallowing my milk down the wrong way.
10. He is saying more and more things... lately it is "air-ga" or "er". He also has started to squeal whenever he is talking...not just as part of a laugh.

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