September 22, 2011

Two moms

I was lucky enough to grow up with two moms... both very different and both teaching me different things. I had my school year mom and my summer mom. I know it was't easy for either of them to raise me, but I look back and am super blessed to have ad both of them.... not many people can say that they had TWO loving moms.

Yesterday was my "summer mom's" birthday. She is way more than just a summer mom and has been for quite awhile. I no longer get to visit and spend my summers with this mom, but she is still such a big part of my life.  I am really glad that my dad married her and that we have our own kind of friendship. No, we don't call each other every day, but we don't really need to. We can pick up where we left off and talk like great friends. It is a great relationship. I call her mom and that is what she is to me... she may not  have given birth to me, but family comes in many different ways- she has been my mom for over 16 years already!!! 

Well, thanks for all the great memories- sticking up for us when dad used to get angry that we were still awake, taking us shopping in Vegas, GOING TO DISNEYLAND just because it sounded fun, and so many more great times, 

I hope you had a great birthday mom. We all love you over here in NM and can't wait to see you again.

a GREAT picture of my mom and dad :)

   Macey, Carl, and Miles

p.s. sorry I didn't write this yesterday, but having a sick baby makes things a bit tricky to get finished. LOVE YOU MOM!

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