September 24, 2011

Friday update

11 weeks!
1. Miles now has super great hand control. He grabs his binky and pulls it out all the time
2. He had/has his first cold.
3. He wakes up all stuffy and wet sounding.
4. He now has wants, not just needs.
5. Carl finally has a whole weekend off instead of just one day.
6. We took miles to the state fair last weekend and he did really good.
7. Miles more has a yell cry. It if super annoying. He does it when you are doing something he doesn't want, like laying him in your arms when he doesn't want to sleep.
8. Carl and I are going on a date tonight for the first time since miles was born..... And yes, miles is going too.
9. I still find myself getting used to my not pregnant body... This morning in the shower, I thought it was weird that I was not overheating and had to remind myself that only happened when I was pregnant.
10. I did this whole blog on my phone :) that's why there are no pics attached... Sorry guys.

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