September 2, 2011

Friday Update

Well, Miles is now 8 weeks old and turns 2 months in another 6 days. My little baby is getting so big!

1. Miles now laughs.... a lot, and with this laugh now comes a little high pitched sequel. It is very cute!
2. He now makes a bunch of different noises... Carl often calls Miles chatty. He says, "goo", "gggggga", and a few variations of g sounds. I think he like to say the g sounds. He even said what sounded like "da" yesterday.
3.Miles now gets baggie eyes if he is tired... it is really cute but kind of sad.

do you see the bags? lol

4. He loves to talk and laugh at me. Whenever he is awake (and in a good mood- meaning nothing is wrong like he is fed and changed and happy) he talks to me. When I talk back and smile at him, he gets a HUGE grin on his face and just laughs... it is so cute.
5. Carl has now finished his first week back to school and Miles and I did really well.
        Monday we just were in sync. We played all day and just had a blast.
        Tuesday Miles and I were having fun until he kicked my nail and hurt his foot. I have since trimmed my nails. After the hurt foot, he slept for 5 hours to get over the crying he did for 5 minutes before falling asleep.
        Wednesday Miles did great. We had a regular day filled with eating, sleeping, and pooping. I started to feel like I was getting the hang of things.
         Thursday Miles slept a bit more than usual, but stayed up from 5 pm until 9 pm to make up for the long nap he took.
         Friday (today) we are having a gassy day. Every time he wakes up, he thinks he has to push really hard to push out gas... this makes him cry and get tired and want to go back to sleep. When he wakes up he toots and then the cycle continues. Oh well, maybe he'll get enough out that he will be happy for Carl tonight.

6. We are going to go visit my family tomorrow... they are camping in Cuba and we will be stopping by to see them for the day.
7. Miles has grown out of size one diapers... he is now in size 2 and can even fit in size 3. My baby is getting so big! He has even grown out of some of the 0-3 month outfits.
one of my favorite outfits (Thanks Aunt Lin!) and Miles is  now too big to wear it :(

8. Last Sunday we went out with some friends to a park. Carl played tennis while Miles and I sat in the shade... he LOVED it. He stayed really calm and loved the outdoors. He just stared at the trees and looked around. I think he is going to be an outdoors kind of person.
9. I made triple chip cookies that are AMAZING! I gave a plate to my 70+ year old neighbor who claimed they were the BEST cookies she had ever eaten!
10. I finally finished watching the t.v. show army wives... it was such a great show.. anyone know if a sixth season is going to happen?

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