September 13, 2011

2 month shots part 2 (plus a video)

I thought I would write a quick blog about the rest of our day after Miles got his 2 month shots.

It was so hard. Miles spent the rest of the afternoon either sleeping or wanting to nurse. He would cry and then nurse and then sleep. Once he finished his really long nap (and waking up 3 times and crying during that nap) he was great! It was about 5 and about the time Carl got home and Miles was happy and giggling for Carl. He looked like he was totally fine.

He continued to be in a great mood until he got tired again and then the only thing that could stop his crying was nursing. Poor Carl felt so helpless. Miles did really well that night while sleeping though... he slept and only woke for a 3 am feeding and a 6 am feeding. It was great!

He is doing much better today and isn't fussy any more than normal. It is nice to know that his crying and fussiness only lasts one day!

On another note, I totally forgot to add on yesterday's post (and didn't remember until I was talking to Carl) that the spot on Miles' heart that was found in our ultrasound is nothing. The doc was listening to his heart and said it sounded good... I commented that he had a spot on our ultrasound on his heart and the doctor was surprised and said that everything seemed to have cleared up and his heart sounds great... nice and strong. Thank goodness! Miles also was super flirty and made both nurses (and even the doctor) fall in love with him. He gave them all big smiles and showed them what a handsome baby he is. It was really sweet.

Anyway... here is a video of him this morning (with a cameo appearance from Miss Kim Kardashian)! ENJOY 4 minutes of my morning :)

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