April 11, 2013

Day eight- passions

8. What are 5 passions you have?

I have a passion for reading. It is my way of visiting the world. Seeing and doing so many things I will never be able to do. It is a great escape from my everyday stuff and books feel like friends to me. I reread the books I love and feel like the characters are friends I can "visit" whenever I have time.

I also love organizing and helping to de-clutter things. I do it for my mom all the time. It is just fun. I don't love to do it all the time, and doing it in my own home is much harder than doing it for others.

Another passion I have is for new moms. I feel like because of my need to know everything I enjoy helping other pregnant moms learn. I like sharing my experiences and helping them to feel more comfortable with what they are going through. Pregnancy was such a crazy time. My body was changing all the time and labor was always looming.

I was so nervous and scared because I had never been in labor. I did as much research as I could and was as prepared as I could be but it still wasn't enough. I had a doula help me with my labor and I am so thankful I had her help. She helped me, my sister (who was there), and Carl. She was a part of my team and one day, I might become a doula too. I think helping ladies through the most important part of their life is important and wonderful. Birth is a miracle and it would be fun to be a part of that.

I also have a passion my child. I hope to one day have more than one kiddo, but it's just Miles for the foreseeable future. I think most parents are passionate about their children. You care about them and what life will be like for them.

Another passion of mine is crafting. I love to craft. I don't really have he space now but would love to have a space for crafting one day. I would love to make my own cards, learn how to sew, scrapbook, and just he crafty in general.

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