April 22, 2013

Day twenty- childhood memories

20. Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood

1. I remember living in Montana when I was around 11 or 12. During the summer my sister and I had the world at our fingertips. We would ride out bikes everywhere. We lived in a super small town and would ride to our grandmas house, or the museum, or just around. Our very favorite place was the peppermint stick. We'd go in and order a salad and share lunch together. Then we'd rode over to the bread shop and get a free bread sample. Sometimes we'd go to the pet store and see the animals or we'd go to kings and look at the toys. One fun thing we'd do is go to the movies for the summer movie. It is one of the best childhood memories I have. Summer, my sister, my bike, and freedom.

2. Another memory I have is living in California with my mom. We lived on base by a field of orange trees. I remember a friend from Portugal who was learning to speak English and the fun we had. I remember playing in the warm rain and splashing in puddles. Once my friends and I played fort in the big trees behind the housing development we lived in. There were tons of trees and we all picked one as our "house" to play in. Mine was huge. It had big leaves and branches that almost touched the ground but it was kind of hollow inside. It was like an umbrella. I also remember making orange juice from the orange trees and trying to sell it. I ended up spilling most of it so we didn't sell any, just drank it all. Great California memories.

3. I also remember when I was littler. Maybe 5 or so. Maybe younger maybe a bit older. I was with my family and we were all visiting my grandparents. By "all" I mean even my cousins and aunt and everyone. My grandma had a three story house with a bar in the basement. For some reason all the kids were playing downstairs (which according to my cousin Michon was full of aliens who would steal you or eat you... The basement was a scary place to be alone as a kid) while the adults were all on the floor above us. I remember we pretended to be bartenders ( I was one of the younger cousins so I was normally a customer since I had no clue what a bartender was, lol) and I got a soda with three red vine straws. It was fun playing in the basement with my cousins and being able to use candy as a straw. I just remember the joy of it all. I would eat the straw and pretend order another one. It was great.

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