April 19, 2013

Day fourteen- strengths and weaknesses

14. Describe 5 and weaknesses strengths you have.

1. Organization. I am really good at being organized and organizing other people.
2. A great Miles motivator. Carl says he is thankful I know how to talk to Miles. He is so stubborn and I have a way of talking to him to get him to do what I want.
3. I am vary persuasive. Very. I am really good at getting people to see my side of things and agreeing with me.
4. Compassionate. I feel for others, a lot. Also I feel very strongly about things.
5. I am a laid back person. I forgive others easily and try to not let things I can't change bother me. I don't obsess over other peoples choices and I get over fights and strife fairly quickly. I also tend to believe the best in people and try to not think the worst about others.

1. I have a big heart. This sucks. Whenever I leave people I care about I get so sad and feel depressed for around 2 or 3 days. It is horrible.
2. I am stubborn. I am also flexible to an extent but mostly stubborn.
3. I care. I care what people say. I can't just let it go and say, "oh well". I really have a hard time letting it go when people I care about say rude things. I have tender feelings. I take what people say about me to heart and have a hard time with criticism.
4. I get lazy. If my life is feeling boring, I feel depressed, or I feel sad I tend to only want to read and hang out. I don't want to cook dinner or clean up, which can lead to a messy house if I'm not careful.
5. I love to shop. I have to be careful because I can spend like an hour or two in target and find tons of stuff I want. This means that I tell myself I can get a little and put the rest on hold for a holiday. I have to be careful when I am in target because it is too easy to find myself spending more than I'd like. I have a level head though and am good at not spending too much when we are tight in cash.

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